Working together to make heat more efficient

That’s the & of the heat alliance

The contracts have been signed! From now on, Eneco will work together in a heat alliance with the Provincial Government of South Holland, the Port of Rotterdam, Gasunie and Warmtebedrijf Rotterdam with the intention of realising an open transport network. This transport network will link companies with a heat surplus to households or businesses that actually need more energy. That way, we bring supply and demand in line with each other and work together to achieve a more sustainable South Holland.

Reducing CO2 emissions even more
An open heat network means that we can use residual and sustainably generated heat much more efficiently. Residual heat from Rotterdam Port is now disappearing into thin air, but it has the potential to heat 500,000 households. We can’t afford to miss such an opportunity. Added to that, the horticulture sector in our region would benefit from an affordable, reliable and low-carbon heat supply.

"By taking part in this alliance, we can speed up the energy transition and connect new, more sustainable heat sources in the future."

Kees Jan Rameau - Member of the Board of Management

Ready for sustainable energy
The heat alliance is working to achieve an open transport network to which every heat provider can supply heat. Besides the residual heat from Rotterdam Port, in the future we’ll also use geothermal heat extracted from the soil, for example.

We’re speeding up the energy transition
Everyone’s sustainable energy – that’s our mission. The heat alliance is taking us closer to this goal. We’re also connecting existing initiatives around The Hague and Leiden to the heat network. That way, we avoid the risk of fragmentation. The re-use of residual heat and the development of an infrastructure for geothermics is further reducing the consumption of gas and speeding up the energy transition.