Working on
smart energy solutions

Green electricity and energy services

The needs of our customers determine the level of demand for sustainable energy. Those needs include a comfortable climate in the home, predictable energy costs and a safe system. Energy is developing as a service product. Customers are paying us for the quality, convenience and comfort of the service we provide. For example, with the Eneco HeatWinner®, with charging services for electric cars, and with the control of solar panels and storage.

Luminext street lamp in the dark | Eneco Group

Innovative energy solutions

We develop smart solutions that coordinate supply and demand and backup solutions more effectively. These are solutions that stem from the latest technologies and data-driven platforms. For example, Toon, which offers comfort and ease of use in people’s personal living environment. Or an app that arranges for electric cars to be charged on the basis of the balance between the consumption and supply of sustainable energy.

See how we are already doing this:
Toon and Jedlix.

Assets & infrastructure

We do not build assets and infrastructure for ourselves; we build them for or together with the customer.

  • With the same financial resources, we realise more sustainable production (electricity and heat),
  • We contribute to the local integration and acceptance of sustainable projects,
  • We manage the risks with other parties. 

See how we work together with NS and Unilever.