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AgroEnergy - energy partner for the horticultural sector

How it is contributing to the mission

Horticultural customers want to reduce fossil fuel consumption and at the same time purchase energy for the lowest possible price. AgroEnergy’s energy specialists are helping over 800 agricultural businesses to pursue the best possible energy strategy. And they are also sharing ideas about sustainable alternatives.


  • With a market share of 35 percent, AgroEnergy is the market leader in the horticultural sector.
  • Leader in the development of innovative products, services and energy management tools, such as BiedOptimaal. 
  • Sixty employees working at its offices in Delft.

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Eneco – making the technology of tomorrow available today

How it is contributing to the mission

Together with customers and partners, Eneco is developing affordable solutions that save energy costs and enable people to generate their own energy. With the brand promise ‘Welcome to the new world,’ Eneco is making the technology of tomorrow available to everybody today. Innovative examples include Eneco HeatWinner®, Zonnehub from Eneco™ and CrowdNett.

Eneco is responsible for generating and supplying sustainable energy that comes from wind, heat, biomass, and solar farms. It does not build assets and infrastructure for itself but for or together with customers.


  • With about 3,000 employees, Eneco meets the daily energy needs of 2.1 million companies and households.
  • Eneco has multiple branches, with its head office in Rotterdam. 
  • Eneco is active in the UK, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Belgium.
  • Eneco has been supplying 100 percent green energy to private and SME customers since 2011.
  • Eneco is the market leader in district heating in the Netherlands. 

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In Belgium, Eneco supplies sustainable energy to consumers and corporate customers. It also realises and manages onshore and offshore wind farms and solar and bio-energy projects. Eneco Belgium is the greenest of all the large energy companies in Belgium. It actively contributes to the development of innovative technologies and specialist knowhow.

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United Kingdom

The United Kingdom’s sustainable energy portfolio is growing. Eneco has been operating solar farms, offshore and onshore wind farms locally and with the surroundings since 2008. It supplies sustainable energy to the national grid and directly to corporate customers such as Heineken, Mars and Unilever. Eneco UK leads the way in involving the community in large assets. For people who live in the surroundings of wind farms, Eneco provides green energy for a local Highland & Mearns Wind tariff.

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Gas is the cleanest fossil fuel for bridging the energy transition. In the years to come, we will unfortunately not have enough capacity to supply everybody with clean energy. To guarantee sufficient capacity, we will supply energy that has been generated with gas.

Eneco has its own gas storage facility in Epe, which is located just across the Dutch border with Germany. With Eneco Gasspeicher, it manages two underground salt caverns with a storage capacity of 100 million m3 of gas.

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In France, Eneco is involved in a number of solar projects and operates a hydroelectric plant of 0.6 MW.

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Jedlix charges your electric car in a smart way

How it is contributing to the mission

Jedlix’s business focuses on charging electric cars smartly and inexpensively using an app. Motorists can use this app to choose the right moment to charge their cars, based on the balance between consumption and the supply of sustainable energy. With this app, Jedlix is helping to increase the share of sustainable energy in the electricity mix.


  • Jedlix works with car manufacturers such as Renault, Tesla and BMW and also with energy parties, grid operators and charging station operators. 
  • This startup has a staff of 10 people.

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Oxxio – the first app-only energy supplier

How it is contributing to the mission

Super smart and super value, that is Oxxio’s brand promise. The company always offers customers the best price for 100 percent European wind energy and gas. With the innovative Oxxio App, customers can gain an insight into their energy consumption and easily arrange all their energy matters themselves with a smartphone or tablet. Oxxio aims to become the first app-only energy supplier of the Netherlands.


  • Oxxio wants to be the first app-only energy supplier.
  • Oxxio focuses on the millennials, a target group of young people born between 1980 and 2000. This group is price-conscious, active online, accustomed to a personal approach and is always looking for a good price-quality ratio. 
  • Oxxio employs a staff of 25 at its head office in Rotterdam.

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Toon makes it possible to live and work smartly

How it is contributing to the mission

With Toon®, we have a technology that gives people greater comfort and convenience in their personal living environment. Toon is the platform in the smart home or company that makes it possible to connect a range of technology and services in the field of energy, safety, comfort and health.

Worldwide, we seek collaboration with other partners and conquer the market for smart living.


  • The Toon smart thermostat was developed by Quby. 
  • More than 350,000 Toon thermostats have been sold in Europe. 
  • The main customer groups are (European) energy companies. Toon is sold to consumers by these energy companies (B2B2C). We are always looking for energy companies with a large area of operation.
  • Quby is based in Amsterdam and has more than 100 employees. 

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WoonEnergie helps tenants to save energy

How it is contributing to the mission

WoonEnergie was founded by a broad collective of housing corporations to help tenants lower their energy costs. The more tenants who take part, the lower the CO2 emissions.

A specially developed energy saving plan shows tenants their energy use and encourages them to change their behaviour and save energy. The next step involves giving more and more tenants access to Toon and the HeatWinner®, in order to save even more energy and reduce CO2 emissions.


  • WoonEnergie works with 100 housing corporations and gives advice to 70,000 tenants.
  • WoonEnergie employs 8 people who work at the Rotterdam head office.

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