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Eneco Group is a group of companies that is active in the energy sector. We work together and with customers and partners on our “Everyone’s sustainable energy” mission, so people can take control of their own energy. Thanks to our consistent strategy, we lead the way in the field of sustainability and innovation. We offer added value to consumers and businesses nationally and internationally with our smart products and services. And we make a valuable contribution to society by generating and supplying green energy.

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Eneco Group is led by its management board who are accountable to the supervisory board.

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Forty-four Dutch municipalities have a share in our company. This means we are an autonomous and independent energy company that is at the heart of the community.

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Eneco Group consists of a number of different brands and business units. Each company or business unit plays its own role in the generation, use, storage and sharing of energy. Together, we make ‘everyone’s sustainable energy’ possible.

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History Eneco Group


Our roots go back to the middle of the nineteenth century. The current Eneco came about in 1995 following partnerships and mergers of municipal utility companies. With Eneco Group, we have a portfolio of brands and companies that we are using to jointly facilitate our mission: everyone’s sustainable energy.

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General conditions

You want a reliable, affordable and sustainable energy supplier, and you are counting on us to do everything to make that a reality. That begins with our commercial operations. Not only do we ask our employees to use finance, resources and the environment in a responsible manner – we select our partners and suppliers according to the same criteria. They support our vision, and work with us to achieve our sustainability strategy and improve sustainable technologies.

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