Our sources


Right now, wind power is the most cost-efficient source of sustainable energy. We don’t build wind farms for ourselves, but rather on behalf of or together with our clients. And we join strengths with larger partners to reduce carbon emissions by improving the sustainability of our operational processes. We also pay close attention to our surrounding communities. When developing a new wind farm, we take care to involve the people living and working in the vicinity at an early stage.

You can find our wind farms both on shore and offshore. All in all, we are contributing substantially to the achievement of the Dutch government’s sustainability objectives.

Solar energy

In one hour, more solar energy reaches the Earth’s surface than we could consume in an entire year. Contrary to popular belief, solar panels don’t actually need direct sunlight to generate electricity. All you need is light. A growing number of clients are discovering the limitless potential of solar power.

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Over the next few years, we can expect a huge increase in the demand for sustainable heat and cold. We can already see the market moving in this direction. Work is already underway on a heat roundabout in the province of Zuid-Holland. This roundabout will connect the Westland region with its greenhouses and horticultural businesses to nearby industry and homes.

‘Heat is a well-developed technology that offers all sorts of possibilities. Indeed, if a municipality wants to make significant strides in the area of sustainability, heat is a logical place to start. Sustainable heat has tremendous potential – particularly when gas is phased out of the built-up area. We already have the groundwork – the infrastructure, in other words. Technological developments in this field are still in full swing.’

Michiel van den Berg, Director of Heating & Cooling

Northern Pipeline
Northern Pipeline network carries heat from AVR’s waste processing plant to various towns and cities nearby. In early 2017, we reached the milestone of 10 million Gigajoules of heat transferred via this network.

Heat & power station Lage Weide
The Lage Weide cogeneration plant in Utrecht produces electricity and heat for local buildings. We are presently working on the development of a biomass boiler to improve the sustainability of the facility’s district heating system even further.


Bioenergy is electricity and/or heat generated through the combustion of biomass. Biomass consists of biodegradable organic matter. At our bioenergy plant Eneco Bio Golden Raand we convert waste wood chips into green electricity and steam.

‘Together with Eneco, we are making major headway when it comes to increasing the sustainability of our chemical activities. Competitive, sustainable steam further strengthens the future viability of energy-intensive chemical industry. It results in a substantial reduction of our CO2 footprint, which is a spearhead in our sustainability strategy Planet Possible: doing more with less.’

- Knut Schwalenberg, Managing Director of AkzoNobel Industrial Chemicals

The volume of CO2 released in the atmosphere during the combustion of biomass is equivalent to the volume that is absorbed by the same quantity of living trees and plants. We refer to a sustainable carbon cycle when the release and uptake of CO2 are rounded off within a single generation. To neutralise the various risks in this process, we are working towards a certified chain through the introduction of a Better Biomass certificate.

Gas as a transition fuel

Eneco does not operate any coal-fired power plants. We also say no to nuclear energy. We are making major investments in wind power, solar power, heat and biomass. Unfortunately, over the next few years, we will still need to build up sufficient capacity and flexibility to supply clean energy across the board. To ensure security of supply, we have decided to supply energy that is generated from gas – the cleanest fossil fuel.


With an efficiency of 59%, major flexibility and low CO2 emissions, Enecogen is one of the cleanest and most efficient gas turbine power plants in Europe. This power station supplies electricity to over 1.4 million households.

Cutting back on gas

We aim to further reduce the volume of gas used for heating homes. Our hybrid heat pump Eneco HeatWinner® can save up to 60% on gas by recycling residual heat – without compromising on comfort.