One Planet Plan

Living within the limits of our planet

One Planet Thinking will enable companies and financial institutions to align business practices so that they actively contribute to a healthy planet for future generations. One Planet Thinking outlines scientific based choices for managing business operations within the planet’s limits. Together we can make the transition.

As one of the founding partners of the programme, Eneco Group sits on its steering committee. In addition, we are active contributors to its community of practice, with our One Planet Plan. This allows us to share our knowledge and experience with other companies. Our ambition is to develop One Planet Thinking into a leading international programme, in which both the private sector and the academic community adopt its underlying tenets.

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We can achieve our ambitions through the One Planet Plan

In the One Planet Plan, we challenge ourselves, our suppliers and our clients and customers to operate within the planet’s limits. This is not only necessary to preserve the environment, but also to guarantee our own wellbeing and that of future generations. And we hope to set a strong example with our mission: Everyone’s sustainable energy.

In this plan, we set out how we intend to reduce our impact on the planet. On the one hand, we will achieve this by investing in sustainable sources of energy like wind and solar farms. On the other hand, we will help our clients and customers to make their energy consumption more sustainable. Together we can make a difference. In the One Planet Plan, we distinguish between:

  • One Planet Company: We set an example ourselves
  • One Planet Customer: Together with our customers and clients, we help to bring sustainable energy within everyone’s reach

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We set an example

We are steadily raising the sustainability of our business operations. For example, the electricity we use in our own offices is generated by wind power and solar panels.

Every year, we invest many millions of euros in wind farms, solar farms and sustainable heat projects. And we are equally ambitious when it comes to mobility. Our vision in this area is based on public transport, electric vehicles and that quintessentially Dutch mode of transport: the bicycle.

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  • At the end of 2016, our own sustainable generating capacity passed the 1 GigaWatt (1.000 MegaWatts) mark. This is equivalent to the annual electricity requirement of some 850,000 households.
  • We continue to invest in sustainable energy. For example, in the near future, construction will start on the new Norther wind farm off the Belgian coast. In 2018, this wind farm will generate enough green electricity to supply some 400,000 households.
  • In early 2017, Eneco reached a new milestone: 10 million Gigajoules of heat. The AVR plant supplies residual heat to the region’s district heating system via the Northern Pipeline.

Promoting green production

We have teamed up with various parties that have also made a conscious decision to promote sustainability. This allows us to increase the supply of green energy and contribute to its local embedding and acceptance.

We work closely together with partners such as:

Eneco & Unilever collaboration | Eneco Group



Using wind power to get to work

Our employees are our most important ambassadors. We encourage everyone to work towards a ‘clean commute’. Sustainability manager, Gerben Meijer shares his vision in a blog.

Read Gerben's blog

Together with our clients and customers

We take our biggest steps forward together with our clients and customers. Fortunately, more and more sustainable solutions are presently within the reach of consumers and businesses.

  • We supply 100% green electricity to all our private customers and SME clients.
  • We offer Tesla’s home battery Powerwall for sale to our customers. Powerwall allows them to store excess solar power for later use.
  • And we’re even taking things one step further. Linking a group of Powerwalls together within a CrowdNett, creates a local network that allows for the flexible use of stored energy. We are currently examining whether this solution can be used to maintain balance in the energy system.
  • People are gaining more control over their gas consumption levels with Eneco HeatWinner®. This hybrid heat pump can save up to 60% on gas by recycling residual heat – without compromising on comfort.

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