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Innovation is what we accomplish together

The world of energy is changing rapidly. Eneco is transforming from an energy supplier to an energy partner. We are excited about accelerating the energy transition, with technology, innovation and working together as the key drivers. These two pillars play a pivotal role in the organisation in order to assess the many good and pioneering ideas inside and outside our organisation and to test them in practice and finally market them.

Continuously on the lookout for cooperation | Eneco Group

Continuously on the lookout for cooperation

We cannot accelerate the transition on our own. Therefore, Eneco is constantly on the lookout for cooperation with start-ups, scale-ups or sustainable partners with groundbreaking energy services with regard to the following themes: smart home, mobility, smart buildings, flex, solar & storage, smart outdoor, one planet heating, communities and technological developments in the field of production and storage of energy and heat.

Venturing | Eneco Group


Start-ups and scale-ups are usually characterised by strong innovative capacity, talented teams and fresh ideas. Eneco Group brings something else to the table: extensive resources, knowledge, a vast network, capital and 2.1 million customers. This way, we can help each other to grow and develop. We have an international focus and besides the Netherlands, we are active in Germany and Belgium.

More than just financing | Eneco Group

More than just financing

Smart Energy offers start-ups, scale-ups and partners a whole range of options that go far beyond a simple financial investment. Examples include support and recommendations for further development and scaling up, customer surveys, pilot projects, marketing and PR advice. These contributions are always tailored to the partner’s specific needs, with a strong emphasis on personal and engaged contact.

Pitch it to us!

Please meet our team members

Yme Bosma | Eneco Group

Yme Bosma

Head of Venturing


Daan Wilms van Kersbergen | Eneco Group

Daan Wilms van Kersbergen



Daphne Postma | Eneco Group

Daphne Postma



Leonie Baneke | Eneco Group

Leonie Baneke



Michel Muurmans | Eneco Group

Michel Muurmans



Henrieke Hoftijzer | Eneco Group

Henrieke Hoftijzer



Reinout Boven

Reinout Boven

Investment analist


Joris Blokland Visser | Eneco Groep

Joris Blokland Visser



Let’s meet!

You can find us at national and international events, where we try to get in contact with potential partners. Meet us at the following events:

Ecosummit, Berlin 8-9 May 2018

Eneco pitches at Ecosummit

Watch the pitches of Yme Bosma, Leonie Baneke, Michel Muurmans and Daan Wilms van Kersbergen at Ecosummit.

Are we a match?

We cherish great ambitions. And that is what we look for in our partners as well. Do you see opportunities? Please complete the registration form. You will receive a conformation and we will contact you within a few weeks.

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