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Smart cities:

Just as you make your home smarter, we can make cities smarter as well. How about saving energy by dimming the street lights when no one is around? Localising empty parking places so you can quickly find a spot. Smart security cameras. Measuring the weather and the air quality. By making clever use of data and by measuring more in public spaces, we can use time, money, space and energy more efficiently.

Street light as Smart City Hub | Eneco Group

Lamp post as a Smart City Hub

Smart cities contribute to a better environment and a more beautiful living environment. Realizing smart cities is complex. Therefore, Eneco has developed a business model that makes it possible to 'smarten up’ per area: street lights are transformed into Smart City Hubs. These open hubs form a basic infrastructure which various parties can make use of. The first pilot will be launched at the end of 2017.

Smart City Hub | Eneco Group

We cannot do this on our own

In order to realise the Smart City Hub, we collaborate with market parties, municipalities and the local residents. And we are constantly on the lookout for new partners who want to join us in making cities smarter. Think, for instance, of municipalities that want to increase the living comfort of the city and reduce CO2 levels. Or companies that want to develop applications for the Smart City Hub, for example in the field of safety and air quality.


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Blog: Smart cities

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