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Eneco is working at a sustainable future for everyone. In collaboration with our partners we make homes smarter in order to increase the home comfort and reduce the energy consumption. As a platform, Toon plays a central role herein. Meanwhile, this smart thermostat is on the walls of 300,000 homes. And we do not stop there. Toon is being developed continuously with smart solutions for insight, energy saving and comfort in the personal living environment.

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Smart Home domains

Our Smart Home centre is located at Quby, the developer of Toon. Here, we develop solutions that offer Toon users even more comfort, service and fun. In cooperation with various partners, we develop new services with Toon as a platform, to make homes and companies more comfortable, safer, cleaner and more sustainable.

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Toon API

Toon has an API, i.e. an Application Programming Interface. Through this API, software developers and companies can make use of certain information from Toon, to quickly and decisively market new services for the over 300,000 homes in the Netherlands that use Toon. Want to know more? Go to

Our Smart Home partners:

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