Smart Buildings

Welcome to the world of Smart Buildings

With Toon, we can offer a platform that allows consumers to have an insight and offers more smart possibilities for the home. Office buildings still have much more potential: a lot of energy can be saved and the comfort level can be raised faster due to the larger scale. Furthermore, a building has more sustainable and smart technology which we can use smartly.

Existing services

Eneco offers office buildings a platform that gives an insight into the energy consumption, comfort level and the building's performance. This platform consists of various services, such as the Gebouwmanager and the Energiemanager. We are also happy to visit you for a personal savings advice on office buildings and large buildings.

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The future

Our current platform is being developed continuously. Our ambition, together with our partner Simaxx, is to develop the leading platform in the advance of smart buildings, with which we contribute largely to the sustainability of properties at the same time. The platform will also be connected to other services. How about a connection to the security system, the cleaning company or technical support?

Our current partner:

Software company Simaxx has developed a platform that gives building owners an insight into the performance of their building.

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We are always on the lookout for partners to further expand our Smart Buildings platform. Do you see opportunities for a cooperation? If so, please contact us.

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