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In the new world is only room for clean fuels, as well as on the road. At Eneco, we would like electric transport soon to be as common as sustainable energy. In cooperation with partners, we, therefore, work towards the acceleration of the mobility transition. The aim? Making sure that soon everyone can easily and cheaply use electric transport.

Eneco looks towards the future

In a number of years, not just the energy market, but the mobility world as well will look completely different. In 10 years’ time, 1 million electric cars will be on the Dutch roads. And that is just the beginning.

The transition will have a considerable impact on, for instance, homes and offices. Acceleration will, therefore, require comfortable coherent energy and mobility solutions: guaranteed sustainable energy in your car. Smart charging with your own solar panels and exactly when the wind is blowing. Wireless connected to your mobility with the help of your smartphone. But charging solutions for your employees and guests as well. Together with its partners, Eneco is in the midst of developing solutions for accelerating those transitions and encouraging sustainable transport.


We cannot do this mobility transition on our own. We currently collaborate with partners and customers such as Alphabet, PON (Volkswagen Leasing) and ING. And we are constantly on the lookout for new partners and colleagues with whom we can accelerate the world of electric transport. Want to know more? If so, please contact us.

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Eneco en Alphabet

Eneco en leasemaatschappij Alphabet voorzien samen duizenden rijders van laadpunten

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