People and businesses decide for themselves how to generate, use, store and share clean energy.  We are helping them with innovations that make it possible to live and work in a smart way. We think outside the box, discover new opportunities and connect with customers and partners to make innovative products and services relevant.
With Smart Energy, we make ground-breaking innovation possible that gives our customers more control over their energy. Sustainability is becoming easy, economical and fun.

Within Eneco Group, the business unit Eneco Smart Energy develops innovations and makes them scalable.

The & of innovating together

We are always interested in connecting with innovative players – whatever their size. We believe in open collaboration and co-creation with customers, partners, employees and anyone who uses technology and creativity to make products and services relevant.

Are you working on a groundbreaking innovation in the energy sector? Feel free to contact us. Let’s see whether we can speed up the energy transition together.

Glenn Bijvoets and Nienke Benders | Eneco Group

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Knowledge-sharing starts by making contact

We are always curious and are open to new ideas. Contact us and let’s examine how we can speed up the energy transition together.