The & of joining forces

Eneco Group now co-owner of Europe’s largest virtual power plant

With an interest of 34% in German company Next Kraftwerke, Eneco Group has become a co-owner of one of Europe’s largest sustainable virtual power plants. Which means we’re acquiring even more knowledge and experience so that we can accelerate the energy transition.

Generating, using, storing and sharing energy together. That’s the future. German company Next Kraftwerke is well on its way. Its Virtual Power Plant (VVP) has more than 4,000 decentralised energy assets aggregating around 2,800 MW of energy capacity. That makes Next Kraftwerke one of the largest virtual power plants in Europe. With an interest of 34% in the company, Eneco Group is now a co-owner. We’re acquiring the knowledge and experience we need to accelerate the energy transition even more. Conversely, we’re also strengthening Next Kraftwerke in the countries in which Eneco Group is active.

‘Eneco Group aims to play a leading role in the progress toward decentralised and sustainable energy production and consumption. Our participation in Next Kraftwerke links up seamlessly with this aim.’

Joeri Kamp, Managing Director of Eneco Smart Energy

A virtual power plant?
Our energy no longer comes from just a handful of power plants. It is now generated in smaller amounts at an increasing number of locations. For example, farmers are generating energy from biomass, or they have wind turbines on their land. And solar panels on the roofs of people’s homes are no longer an unusual sight. A virtual power plant collects and distributes the surplus energy from all these energy sources.

Jointly keeping the network in balance
Another important aspect involves making the energy system more flexible. But the transition to fully sustainable energy also has its challenges. The sun, biomass and the wind simply don’t supply energy all the time. Next Kraftwerke’s knowledge is helping us to respond even more effectively to the fluctuation of supply and demand, so that we can balance the grid together with all our energy providers and consumers.

Exchanging experience and expertise
Joeri Kamp, Managing Director Eneco Smart Energy enthusiastically explains: "Digitisation and technologies such as Virtual Power Plants are shaping the energy transition. And in the Netherlands and other countries we’re taking advantage of Next Kraftwerke’s experience and expertise. Added to that, Eneco Group can provide valuable services to Next Kraftwerke’s customers. So it works both ways: that's the & of joining forces!".

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