How Eneco UK connects the local community with a special energy tariff

Over the past few years, wind farms have become much larger, with an increasingly big impact on the surroundings. With the idea ' Everybody in the surroundings benefits', Eneco UK has introduced a local Highlands & Mearns Wind energy tariff for the people living near our wind farms in Scotland. Zoïsa Walton, Country Director of Eneco UK, tells us about the & of this special energy tariff. What exactly is the idea behind this local tariff?

‘With Highland & Mearns Wind, people who live near the wind farm purchase energy for an attractive price. We supply the green energy – which we generate in our Scottish wind farms at Moy, Lochluichart and Tullo – to the surrounding communities in an accessible way.’

What makes Highlands & Mearns Wind so special?

‘This product is the first local sustainable energy tariff in the United Kingdom. Before this, people living near a wind farm were not able to purchase cheaper energy. What also makes it special is that in this project we’re working together with Co-operative Energy, the largest cooperative energy supplier in the United Kingdom. This party already does a great deal for the local community and is therefore an excellent partner.'

How is this project consistent with Eneco Group’s mission?

Sustainable local energy means taking advantage of local opportunities. And that’s what we’re doing with this tariff. We’re connecting local residents with our wind farms and offer them an attractive price, and they make their homes sustainable. The community can control its own energy. So everybody benefits. That’s the & of this project for me and it links up perfectly with our “Everyone’s sustainable energy” mission.’

Wind Farm Tullo | Eneco Group

Tullo Wind Farm (2010)

Number of turbines: 7
Capacity: 17MW
Enough for:              9.500 households

Wind Farm Moy | Eneco Group

Moy Wind Farm (2014)

Number of turbines: 20
Capacity: 60MW
Enough for:               34.000 households

Wind Farm Lochluichart | Eneco Group

Lochluichart Wind Farm (2014)

Number of turbines: 24
Capacity: 69MW
Enough for:                39.000 households