Burn of Whilk Windfarm

West of Wick, near Caithness

The 22.5 MW Burn of Whilk wind farm has been supplying 12,500 households with wind energy since the summer of 2015. This wind farm in the Scottish Highlands is constructed to the east of Wick. Even before the construction of the nine turbines, it was clear that the wind farm would work closely with the surrounding communities. Eneco deposits around € 6,000 per MW per year in a fund during the entire life cycle of the project. In that way, we are financing sustainable projects that are proposed by the communities.

Eneco and the community

Besides the € 6,000 per MW per year, Eneco is also committed to the preservation and promotion of the Yarrows Archaeological Trail, the marshland to the south of the Loch of Yarrows. An area in which many objects from the Bronze Age were found.

Facts and figures

    • Capacity
      22.5 MW
    • Households
    • Turbines

Burn of Whilk Windfarm

Wick, Caithness