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BiedOptimaal wins Dutch Data Science award

Intelligent energy predictions for horticultural firms have started to draw attention outside the sector too. AgroEnergy was recently awarded the Hendrik Lorentz Prize for its application BiedOptimaal. This award recognises distinctive and innovative applications of data science.

Eneco Group 7th in MT500 ranking

Eneco Group holds 7th place in the general ranking of the latest MT500 survey. And in our own sector, Utilities, we are recognised as the number 1 company. Every year, Management Team (MT) performs a survey of Dutch companies’ image among managers, decision-makers and senior executives. In addition, we even scored second place in the customer focus category.

International recognition for Eneco Group

Eneco Group, one of the frontrunners in renewable energy production and retail in Europe, has today announced that its target to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions has been approved by the experts at the Science Based Targets initiative. “Eneco’s ‘science-based target’ provides a clearly defined pathway that specifies how much and how quickly the company needs to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.”

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Eneco listed #8 on the Sustainable Brand Index

Eneco is listed number 8 on the Sustainable Brand Index top 100. This index is the result of how Dutch consumers rank companies on its sustainability. For Eneco this ranking confirms that the strategic focus on sustainability is being recognized. The Sustainable Brand Index is a renowned research in Scandinavia and was executed for the first time in the Netherlands.


8,000 football pitches of solar panels

A milestone. With 100 megawatts of solar energy, Eneco has once again shown that it leads the way in supplying everyone's sustainable energy.

  • 100 megawatts of installed capacity distributed over 420,000 solar panels in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and the UK
  • Eneco supplies mainly green energy to the companies that it works with.
  • Our partners include: PostNL, ADO Den Haag, Papendal Sports Centre, the National Military Museum, Audi Brussels, and Mars in the UK
  • In Belgium, Eneco is the largest solar energy producer with 60 megawatts, equal to 250,000 solar panels.
  • 60 megawatts is equal to the amount of energy consumed by 15,000 households every year.
  • 250,000 solar panels are equivalent to a total surface area of 4,000 hectares or 8,000 football pitches.

Sustainable energy for the Kyocera stadium | Eneco Group

  • Laid end to end, the panels would stretch a distance of 412 kilometres. This is approximately the length of the border between the Netherlands and Belgium.
  • In Belgium, a further 100,000 solar panels will be added in 2020.

And that’s not all.

Quote Paul Minjauw

'Our aim is to combine new solar farms with smart storage, such as batteries. Companies and families can then use the batteries to store their surplus solar energy. And use that energy when there isn’t enough sunshine. That means they’ll need less energy from the national grid.'

- Paul Minjauw, Director Solar & Storage Eneco

Eneco the most sustainable of the five large international energy companies

The Dutch Consumer Association, Greenpeace, Natuur & Milieu, and WISE evaluated 34 energy suppliers on the basis of the authenticity of their green electricity. They examine the investments made in the generation, production, supply and purchase of green electricity. They awarded Eneco a mark of 7.0, which puts us in eighth place in the ranking. We are the only one of the five largest energy companies to be awarded a pass mark, which means that for the fifth time in a row we are the most sustainable of the large suppliers.

Greenpeace awards Eneco Belgium top marks

Every two years, Greenpeace ranks the sustainability of Belgium’s green electricity suppliers. Eneco’s score of 18 points out of 20 on authenticity of supplied green electricity. In 2016, Eneco was the most sustainable of all the large players. The high score was awarded because Eneco only invests in sustainable energy and actively contributes to the development of innovative technologies in Belgium.

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Eneco the best corporate service provider in the energy sector

MT.nl presents the best 100 corporate service providers in the Netherlands for the 15th time. And Eneco is at number one in the energy sector. Fifty percent of the respondents recommended Eneco.

Leader in large-scale sustainable generation capacity

Sustainable energy generation | Eneco Group

Every year, we generate more than 1 Gigawatt (1,000 Megawatts) of sustainable energy. With onshore and offshore wind farms, with our biomass plant and with solar farms in the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK and France. This is enough sustainable energy for around 850,000 households. Eneco Group is leading the way with investments in large-scale generation capacity.

These sustainable projects are all contributing:

  • 129 MW - Eneco Luchterduinen 
  • 120 MW - Princess Amalia wind farm
  • 62.7 MW – Delfzijl wind farm
  • 6 MW - Ameland solar farm
  • 30 MW - Fosses-la-Ville wind farm (Belgium)
  • 3.5 MW - Solar panels on roofs at Audi Brussels (Belgium)
  • 12.1 MW - Fonroche solar project (France)
  • 42,5 MW - Tullo & Twinshiels wind farms (UK)
  • 69 MW - Lochluichart wind farm (UK)
  • 370 MW –Norther wind farm, under construction (Belgium) 
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Already 10 million gigajoules of sustainable heat for Rotterdam

Every year, tens of thousands of homes and hundreds of businesses in the Rotterdam region receive heat thanks to the grey rubbish bags that AVR processes every day. One rubbish bag translates into seven hot showers. In early 2017, Eneco reached the milestone of 10 million gigajoules of heat. The AVR plant supplies residual heat to the district heat network in the region through the Leiding over Noord transport network.

Facts and figures

  • Number of homes in the heat network: 45,000
  • Several hundred businesses connected
  • Annual CO2 savings compared to central heating boiler: 70%
  • Amount of heat supplied: 10 million gigajoules
  • Equivalent to heat for 330,000 homes per year
Pex Langenberg, alderman Rotterdam | Eneco Group

'This is consistent with Rotterdam’s climate targets. We want to encourage the port to become sustainable and aim to use residual heat from industry in the best possible way. The climate agreements that were made in Paris are aimed at making our air cleaner and healthier so that we can keep our living environment clean and maintain our quality of life.'

- Pex Langenberg, Rotterdam alderman