Eneco listed #8 on the Sustainable Brand Index

Eneco is listed number 8 on the Sustainable Brand Index top 100. This index is the result of how Dutch consumers rank companies on its sustainability. For Eneco this ranking confirms that the strategic focus on sustainability is being recognized. The Sustainable Brand Index is a renowned research in Scandinavia and was executed for the first time in the Netherlands.


Largest battery in Europe

Eneco and Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) are going to construct, under the name EnspireME, the largest battery system in Europe. This battery system will be located in Germany and enables the companies to supply sustainable reserve capacity to the European electricity grid.

'We have been strengthening our activity in the renewable energy field in order to contribute to a low-carbon society. We believe that energy storage will become a key factor, given the circumstance that energy volatility is expanding as the result of the rapid increase of renewable energy. This project is a significant step forward to the realization of the sustainable society.'

Hiroshi Sakuma, Group Chief Executive Officer, Mitsubishi Corporation

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Working together to make heat more efficient

That’s the & of the heat alliance

Linking companies with a heat surplus to households or businesses that actually need more energy. Together with selected partners, Eneco is bringing together supply and demand to make South Holland even more sustainable.

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International recognition for Eneco Group

Eneco Group, one of the frontrunners in renewable energy production and retail in Europe, has today announced that its target to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions has been approved by the experts at the Science Based Targets initiative. “Eneco’s ‘science-based target’ provides a clearly defined pathway that specifies how much and how quickly the company needs to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.”

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Our brands

Eneco Group consists of a number of different brands and business units. Each company or business unit plays its own role in the generation, use, storage and sharing of energy. Together, we make ‘everyone’s sustainable energy’ possible.

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Everyone’s sustainable energy

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all generate our own sustainable energy? Well, that’s no longer a vision of the future. It is happening right now, and more and more people are joining in. They are deciding how they generate, use, sell and share energy with others. Together with customers and partners, Eneco Group is looking for energy solutions that make it possible to live and work in a smarter way.

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Our stories

A new era

These aren’t times for going it alone. Nor a time for ifs. Or buts. People and businesses are taking things into their own hands. Deciding for themselves where and how to generate sustainable energy. How they’ll use, store and share it. This is the age of &.


15 March 2017

Why Eneco set a science-based target

by Gerben Meijer, Sustainability Manager, Eneco Group

Achieving the climate targets set in Paris, by keeping the earth’s warming well below two degrees is a huge challenge. Since humans created this situation, presumably we should be able to get ourselves out of it too - although it’s clear that solutions won’t just happen on their own and that business has a major role to play.

That’s why ...

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31 January 2017

Putting ourselves in the shoes of the millennial

By Freddie Verweij, Commercieel Manager, Oxxio

With Oxxio, we have consciously opted for a new generation of energy customers: the millennials. The people born between roughly 1980 and 2000 are different to the generation before them. They are a self-aware but also a difficult target group for existing energy suppliers. They do business in a very different way to their parents. Binding these millennials to Oxxio is a fa ...

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