Working with partners

Our strength: connecting

The energy transition is in full swing. More and more customers are taking control of their own energy. Traditional borders are disappearing. One moment a resident or company is playing the role of customer, and the next moment the role of producer and supplier. Eneco Group’s task is to be the connecting link between those different roles.

So that we not only work together, we also work in conjunction with each other. We share knowledge, look for synergy and support each other. With entrepreneurs, strategic partners and experts, we are looking for the added value that will enable us to speed up the energy transition together.

Within the limits of one planet with WWF

The World Wildlife Fund and Eneco Group are working together on One Planet Thinking.

One Planet Thinking helps companies to develop a strategy and implement it so that we do not overstep the limits of our planet. As a founding partner, Eneco Group has a seat in the programme’s steering group. Eneco Group is also actively taking part in the community of practice, which involves sharing our knowledge and experience with other companies.

Our ambition is to develop One Planet Thinking into an international programme in which companies and the science sector commit themselves to this philosophy.

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Unilever running on Dutch wind

 ‘We want to be climate-positive worldwide by 2030. So besides using fully sustainable energy, we also want to supply energy to the community. The collaboration with Eneco and the direct link between our energy needs and five wind turbines at the Luchterduinen wind farm is an important next step towards achieving this ambition.’

- Conny Braams, General Manager Unilever Benelux

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Flexibility makes money

With Peeeks, the Delft startup, we have found a party that is helping us with innovative solutions that cope with the fluctuations in the energy system. Peeeks harmonises business processes with the current electricity price. That enables people to use their devices more efficiently – switching them on when the energy price is low and switching them off when the price is high. The system helps companies to save as much as 40 percent on their energy costs.

David Beijer | Eneco Group

‘Eneco is offering us enormous added value. Besides a financial injection, we also have access to its network and expertise. For Eneco, it’s advantageous to increase the predictability of customers’ electricity consumption in this way. It enables Eneco to purchase cheaper electricity on the energy markets and help its customers save costs.’

- David Beijer, CEO and founder of Peeeks

The & of investing in wind with Mitsubishi

We have been working together with Mitsubishi Corporation for several years. Based on our joint sustainability strategy, we are investing together in offshore wind farms. The Eneco Luchterduinen wind farm was the first large wind farm that we realised together.

We continue our collaboration with Norther. It will be the largest offshore wind farm in Belgium. Construction will start in 2018. Energy company Elicio is also a partner in the realisation of this wind farm.

Mitsubishi Corporation logo

Double cooperation in De Unie

‘We’re too small to be an independent energy supplier. Our membership of DE Unie enables us to launch other activities.’

- Rolf Steenwinkel, co-founder of Amsterdam Energy.

DE Unie | Eneco Group

Over three hundred local and regional energy initiatives are now active. More and more people are taking control of their own energy supply. This movement is now making an important contribution to the growth of locally generated sustainable energy from solar or wind, for example.'

Duurzame Energie Unie, or DE Unie, is a cooperative that helps local energy companies to operate on the energy market. Eneco is also a member of DE Unie. We help local energy companies with our knowledge and experience in the field of energy. Conversely, the members of DE Unie help Eneco to work together on a local level. With this collaboration, we want to grow into the ideal partner for parties that want to speed up the energy transition.

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Driving on solar energy

The family car that runs on solar energy is getting closer. Together with the students of the Solar Team, which is linked to Eindhoven University of Technology, we share knowledge and ambitions about sustainability, mobility and innovation. This is aimed at making the electric car an integral part of the energy system and ultimately making vehicles powered by sustainable energy accessible to everybody.

The Solar Team is designing a sustainable and practical family car to take part in the World Solar Challenge 2017 in Australia later in 2017.