Do the laundry with your car battery

That’s the & of smart distribution

The sunny future with the car of tomorrow. Literally – because together with Solar Team Eindhoven, Eneco Group is working hard on the development of a new approach to power generation and management. Solar Team Eindhoven’s experimental solar-powered family car ‘Stella Vie’ is a means of transport and a household power bank rolled in one. This futuristic car is better geared to ordinary users’ daily needs, and can help accelerate the transition toward sustainable traffic and transport solutions.

Solar Team Eindhoven making a name for themselves

For some 18 months now, 23 students of Eindhoven University of Technology have been working full-time on the first solar-powered five-seater car. Solar Team will be using this family car to defend its world championship title at the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2017 in Australia. The team officially presented ‘Stella Vie’ on Wednesday, 21 June – the longest day of the year.

Use your car as a household power bank

Worldwide, traffic and transport accounts for 18% of our greenhouse emissions. As an innovator in the current energy transition, Eneco Group sees it as its natural role to inspire and encourage people to opt for electric transport. Up to now, our residential and transport arrangements were always separate domains. But now, the two can be linked by means of new smart technologies and services. Imagine a future where everyone has their own power bank parked out in front – allowing us to reduce our emissions and run our households with the excess power stored in our vehicles.

The & of generation and distribution

Soon – when we link our solar-powered electric cars to our home networks – we will have an entirely new energy system that merges power generation and storage with living facilities and transport. At that point, people will be able to decide for themselves how they prefer to generate, store and share their power. With the Jedlix smart charging app, vehicles will be able to charge and discharge on the basis of current and predicted energy rates – allowing the car to utilise its buffer capacity as efficiently as possible. And with the smart thermostat Toon, you will be able to check straight away whether your car is charging – or whether you need to turn it so it’s facing south for a while. Although… by that time, your car will probably be able to do this by itself.

Driving on solar energy

The family car that runs on solar energy is getting closer. Together with the students of the Solar Team, which is linked to Eindhoven University of Technology, we share knowledge and ambitions about sustainability, mobility and innovation. This is aimed at making the electric car an integral part of the energy system and ultimately making vehicles powered by sustainable energy accessible to everybody.

The Solar Team is designing a sustainable and practical family car to take part in the World Solar Challenge 2017 in Australia later in 2017.