The & of climate neutral

Every day 600,000 rail passengers in the Netherlands travel in a 100% climate-neutral way. This is a world first. Nowhere else in the world do passenger trains run on 100% wind energy. The partnership with NS is special. Together we’re helping to make the Netherlands sustainable.

The & of climate-neutral transport by train

“The collaboration between the Dutch Railways (NS) and Eneco is about understanding what the other party wants and to anticipate. It’s real teamwork.” NS and Eneco discovered a common objective to ensure that all trains became climate-neutral. Presenter Froukje Jansen learned more about this special collaboration.

Carola Wijdogen, Director Corporate Sustainability at NS | Eneco Group

‘I believe in green growth, that the economy can grow without damaging the environment. As equal partners, we’re helping each other with the sustainability of mobility.’
Carola Wijdogen, Director Corporate Sustainability at NS

Facts & Figures

  • Every day, NS transports 600,000 people using 100% wind energy from Eneco.
  • That means 1,200,000 train journeys without CO2 emissions every day.
  • Every year, NS uses 1,200,000,000 kWh of wind energy from Eneco. As much as all the households in Amsterdam.
  • A train can travel 200 kilometres on one hour of energy generated by a wind turbine
  • Three revolutions of an Eneco wind turbine is one kilometre.

A climate-neutral train trip

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