70 GWh of wind for Unilever

Audi Brussel

Every year in the Netherlands, global food corporation Unilever purchases almost 70 gigawatt hours (GWh) of the green electricity generated by Eneco’s Luchterduinen wind farm on the North Sea.

Corry Braams, General Manager Unilever Benelux | Eneco Group

‘By 2030, we want to be climate-positive worldwide. So that besides using fully sustainable energy we can also supply energy to the surroundings. The partnership with Eneco and the direct link between our energy need and five wind turbines at the Luchterduinen wind farm is an important next step towards achieving this ambition.’

Conny Braams, General Manager of Unilever Benelux

‘Unilever is a clear world leader in the field of corporate sustainability. I’m very proud of the fact that two Rotterdam companies are entering into this sustainable partnership with each other.’

Jeroen de Haas, CEO of Eneco Group

Collaboration focused on the surroundings

Unilever and Eneco have a special cooperative relationship. Together we are looking for opportunities for further sustainability at the Unilever locations, such as smart operational and savings options or the creation of a ‘ZonneHub’. With ZonneHub from Eneco™, we’re enabling people in the surroundings to generate their own solar energy with solar panels on the roof of the Unilever locations. Employees and customers are also included in the sustainable plans.


The wind farm is supplying wind energy to:

  • The European head office in Rotterdam
  • Unilever Nederland’s office in Rotterdam
  • The margarine/peanut butter factory in Rotterdam
  • The Unox factory in Oss
  • The Ben & Jerry’s factory in Hellendoorn
  • The R&D centre in Vlaardingen

Facts and figures

    • 70 GWh
      Annual purchase
    • 5.7 wind turbines
      Generated by
    • All Dutch office and production locations
      Electricity for
    • 37.000 m2
      Roof surface