30 January 2017

Putting ourselves in the shoes of the millennial

By Freddie Verweij, Commercieel Manager, Oxxio

With Oxxio, we have consciously opted for a new generation of energy customers: the millennials. The people born between roughly 1980 and 2000 are different to the generation before them. They are a self-aware but also a difficult target group for existing energy suppliers. They do business in a very different way to their parents. Binding these millennials to Oxxio is a fascinating challenge for me and my colleagues.

We sometimes tell each other that this target group chose us. We are originally a low-cost player and are very online-oriented. They are by nature more aware of the way we treat the environment. Sustainability is nothing new for them. In addition, they are constantly looking online for smart deals and are optimistic, critical and independent. They want the highest quality for the lowest price.

I think the mindset of the millennial has become part of Oxxio’s identity. The choice for this target group was an obvious one. It really suits us and helps us stand out from other energy companies. We like to put ourselves in the customer’s shoes. That’s not so difficult, because most of our employees are predominantly millennials. We know that, just like us, they compare and arrange many things online. That is why we have the smart Oxxio App for which we use platforms that are popular with millennials, such as social media, online video but also oxxio.nl and price comparison engines.

We learn because we are continuing to develop the app with customers. By adding a chat function, for example, instead of putting people on hold. We always ask customers for feedback and new ideas. The great thing is that this target group enjoys that. We now have more than 100,000 users of the app who have awarded four stars to our service. But our ambition doesn’t stop there. We want to be the first app-only energy supplier. And I’m confident we’ll succeed.