A new era

These aren’t times for going it alone. Nor a time for ifs. Or buts. People and businesses are taking things into their own hands. Deciding for themselves where and how to generate sustainable energy. How they’ll use, store and share it. This is the age of &.

Our brands

Eneco Group consists of a number of different brands and business units. Each company or business unit plays its own role in the generation, use, storage and sharing of energy. Together, we make ‘everyone’s sustainable energy’ possible.

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Everyone’s sustainable energy

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all generate our own sustainable energy? Well, that’s no longer a vision of the future. It is happening right now, and more and more people are joining in. They are deciding how they generate, use, sell and share energy with others. Together with customers and partners, Eneco Group is looking for energy solutions that make it possible to live and work in a smarter way.

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Our stories

“From 2020 no more unintelligent lighting”

Luminext is a specialist in dynamic outdoor lighting. With lampposts fixed with sensors Luminext monitors, for example, sound or particulates. This data is processed into reliable information, resulting in a sustainable, safe, comfortable and attractive outdoor space for everybody. Henk Walraven, Director of Luminext, tells us how to create the 'Smart City' of the future.

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Leader in large-scale sustainable generation capacity

Every year, we generate more than 1 Gigawatt (1,000 Megawatts) of sustainable energy. With onshore and offshore wind farms, with our biomass plant and with solar farms in the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK and France. This is enough sustainable energy for around 850,000 households. Eneco Group is leading the way with investments in large-scale generation capacity.

These sustainable projects are all contributing:

129 MW
  Eneco Luchterduinen
120 MW
  Prinses Amalia wind farm
62,7 MW
  Delfzijl wind farm
6 MW
  Ameland solar farm
30 MW
  Fosses-la-Ville wind farm (Belgium)
3,5 MW
  Solar panels on roofs at Audi Brussels (Belgium)
12,1 MW
  Fonroche solar project (France)
42,5 MW
  Tullo & Twinshiels wind farms (UK)
69 MW
  Lochluichart wind farm (UK)
370 MW
  Norther wind farm, under construction (Belgium)